Information for Physicians

Kidney disease can be broadly grouped into two types : Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Acute Kidney injury (AKI). Both if untreated can lead to permanent kidney damage. Long term diabetes and hypertension can lead to CKD. Other acute ailments such as COVID-19 or Usage of Contrast Media can cause AKI.

Nefrosave, Nefrosave Forte & Nefrosave Keto are the trusted Nephroprotective nutraceuticals to slow the progression of CKD associated with Diabetes and Hypertension. It can also be beneficial in Acute Kidney Injury

Nefrosave & Nefrosave Forte are Patented as
“The Novel Pharmaceutical Composition”
for the treatment of Chronic Renal disease

Ongoing Clinical trials with Nefrosave & Nefrosave Forte

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