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Nefrosave & Nefrosave Forte are the patented products of Fourrts
Nefrosave Patent No. IN300350
Nefrosave Forte Patent No. IN339847

Nefrosave is the No.1 Anti-oxidant brand prescribed by Nephrologists in India*

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Statewise Incidence of Microalbuminuria
First Time in India

  • Conducted over 6000 Micral Camps
  • Screened over 72000 Patients


Prevalence in India


Int. J. Adv. Med. 2019
Prevalence of nephropathy detected through microalbuminuria in type 2 DM was 44.7%

J. Assoc. Physicians India. 2018
Prevalence of microalbuminuria in essential hypertension was 47%

"As physicians, we take a solemn oath to serve our patients and community, to do no harm and always put our patients first. At Fourrts, we use the same guiding principles to manufacture and market quality pharmaceutical formulations to serve patients in India and across the globe. We understand the emotional and economic ramifications of chronic disease and seek to be your partner in providing the best care for our patients"

Dr. Gayatri Veeramani Jayaraman M.D., MHA (USA)

American Board Certified Physician & Nephrologist (ABIM)
Director of Marketing & International Business - Fourrts





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